Kawasaki Ninja Outline Tank / Fairing Stickers Decals 20cm (2 PACK)

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2 x Kawasaki Ninja Outline Vinyl Decal Stickers

Sticker size is approx:
20cm x 8cm
(200mm x 80mm)
8 Inch x 3 Inch)


These Kawasaki Ninja outline stickers are made from high quality outdoor vinyl
(same vinyl we use to signwrite vans)

All our decals are precision cut with no background and are available in various colours.

All stickers are supplied ready to fit.

Alternative sizes can also be produced if required, please contact us for a price.



(Colours are a representation only and may vary slightly.)


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

In the event you are not happy with your purchase please contact us and we will resolve any issues promptly.

Please message us if you have any questions we are here to help.



First you must clean the surface with a degreaser to remove any polish, wax or other grease and dirt.
(If you don't have a degreaser, dish soap may work but be sure to full dry the area after cleaning)

Once clean align the sticker where you would like it and fix to the surface using masking tape.

Once your happy with the positioning you can now apply the sticker.
To do this start by lifting up one end where its taped on and remove the backing paper.

With the backing removed and the sticky adhesive side exposed you can start to apply the sticker to the surface starting from the end that's still taped onto the surface.

To apply you can use a squeegee, bank card or your finger to smooth down the sticker and squeeze out the air from under it.

Now your sticker is applied and firmly pressed down you can now roll back the paper tape that's over the sticker and that's it job complete.

REMEMBER - If you get stuck please message me for help.

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