About Us

So you want to know more about streetstyle stickers...

Well im Shaun.

I'm the one man band behind streetstyle stickers.

Back in the day I worked at mercedes benz as a vehicle painter.
During my early time there I seen some vehicles come into the body shop and get stickers and decals fitted to them.

Watching these stickers get applied to vehicles it really intrigued me.
I wanted to know how these were made and then fitted.

I decided to jump in and give it a whirl, I bought a small cheap machine some vinyls and set to work trying to learn how on earth to use the damn thing.

Many headaches later I cracked it and set about making daft little stickers hear and there for friends and family.

When my first daughter came into the world I made and fitted a princess wall sticker to go near her bed.

Little did I know that this wall sticker would be the birth of streetstyle stickers because when friends of friends seen it the requests started to pour in.

Here I was designing and making stickers from a tiny bedroom in stockton-on-tees then going out fitting them on the streets and in peoples homes.
This is how I got the name Streetstyle Stickers.

These days I'm working on vehicle graphics, shop window stickers, clothing and personalised gifts.

So now you know a little bit about me and the business, come see what I get up to on socials..

You can find me on facebook - Here